Welcome to the SYN product guide website! We have assembled our wide range of quality water pipes and other products into an easy to use online catalog. SYN has become a national force thanks to the enthusiasm and support we have garnered from our fans and clients. What sets us apart is the unique engineering of our percolation systems. Many of the designs you will see are unique and exclusive to SYN. We aren’t reinventing the palm tree perc or asking high dollar for a basic beaker, we are redefining the standard by which borosilicate craftsmen are measured.

SYN has grown from a two lathe backwoods legend into a brand represented in 41 states, as well as Canada, Amsterdam and Puerto Rico.. (Someone in Alaska and Kansas needs to call us!). We have used our independence and the help of the greatest shops in the Mid-Atlantic to grow into 14 glassblowers and a host of office drones. The owners have been in the industry since 1989 and have literally served close to 100,000 amazing people from their home base on the OBX. The East Coast glass scene has always been strong, and now with the help of a new generation of glassblowing artists and SYN-inspired companies, the industry has never been stronger.

You will see many harmonic diffusion systems, our favorite platform. Using the same water in multiple percolation systems decreases drag and allows you to minimize volume. Our nano line is a unique lineup that has the same basic use as many of our boro brethren, but with SYN’s stroke of creativity. The showerhead line has been absolutely turned on its head by the perfection of the SYNergy series. This grants smokers the diffusion of a showerhead, the best in the class, and a floating ratchet that also eliminates the dreaded upflow of the classic showerhead. You can also see our SYN EXCLUSIVE Reactor and Mini Reactor series, the most diffusion possible in a medium-sized tube.

However you have found us, either as a glass fan or as a wholesale client, you can browse through our product line and find out where you can find SYN in your area. We hope you enjoy the gallery, and we encourage feedback either via email or on Facebook/Instagram etc. Thank you again to all of our clients; the reason we are at our apex is your willingness to promote our ideas to the glass world (you know who you are). Cheers!

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