Fat Boy

Fat Boys are a SYN exclusive, and a truly remarkable design.  This is one of our best known specialty pieces, and a novel twist on the showerhead.  A recessed seal runs down to turn inside out into a showerhead that leads back up the body of the can.  An offset mouthpiece protects the user from the splash, so this is a showerhead bubbler you can rip on as hard as possible.  A cleaning port on the side of the bottom of the can allows instant water changing, preventing users from having to work water out the showerhead.  This is the pinnacle of showerhead design.

  • Specifications
  • No. of Percs:1 (Including: Showerhead)
  • Stem:Stemless
  • Height:14 inches
  • Base Width:4.5 inches
  • Glass Thickness:5 mm
  • Ground Joint:18mm female
  • Recessed Seal:Yes

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