Full-Sized Synergy

The Full-Sized Synergy is borderline genius.  The recognizable showerhead is on display here, sucking water from the full can into a cauldron of diffusion.  The difference here is the floating ratchet above the showerhead.  The ratchet distributes the water back from a constricted space to the open can above the assembly.  This acts in moderating the upflow and providing another high diffusion perc.   This design gets over looked next to Reactors and Airstrikes, but this tube provides amazing diffusion in one of the smoothest hitting full-sized tubes that exist.  Managers Pick.

  • Specifications
  • No. of Percs:2 (Including: Ratchet, Showerhead)
  • Stem:Stemless
  • Height:18 inches
  • Base Width:4.5 inches
  • Glass Thickness:5 mm
  • Ground Joint:18mm female

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